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Outcome and certification: You will be able to start training other people as well as doing the assessments yourself. INCOME POTENTIAL. When trained as Facilitator, not only will you have the opportunity to coach and minister to people in a very unique way but at the same time, earn an income for the service that you provide.

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Marriage is the foundation of the family. When the marriage relationship is hurting, the family is hurting. Couples seek marriage counselling and are often given the advice to divorce, when the reality is, divorce is not the answer. Covenant provides the foundation for romance, love, and all the things that those with a hurting marriage are seeking.

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We believe when the homes are strong, the churches are strong. The scriptural principles shared weekly teach couples how to walk in the fullness of their one-flesh relationship.
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Click on the On-Line Skype link and follow the procedures as listed.

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