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FACILITATED BY: Dr Mario Denton and Mariene Denton

NrProcessFollow Up
1Complete application, CV with accomplishments, interview and motivation to do the Married for Life course as well as letter of confirmation from person of your choice Wait for approval
2Work through the website 2equal1.com, work through all the components and make list of additional questions. Study agreement and code of conductReflect and discuss learning points and test for understanding
3Couples both do the Married for Life assessment
4Get feedback on own Married for life profile: Dissection of the Detailed Report Share insights
5Develop action plans as a result of feedback on Married for Life Profile Share action plan
6Get Complete Coaching couples Manual and focus on the following: Sessions 1 Training- The power of covenantTest for understanding
7Session two skype training - The Power of 2=1Test for understanding
8Analyse and discuss additional ideas for facilitation
9Do next session on own and give feedback and reflect on approach- The Power of synergism
10Do Personality Id and get some additional feedback on roles of each person
11Practical demonstration and understanding of admin details
12Personal Feedback after each of the lessons and additional coaching and material
13Do the following assessment: Money and Marriage God's Way Assessment. Note: There are 115 items in the survey
14Attend webinar once per year on Married for Life continuous development and ongoing coaching and support material
15Total Cost of training including all material

Total Cost: $150

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